wreath (plural wreaths)

  1. Something twisted, intertwined, or curled; as, a wreath of smoke; a wreath of flowers.
  2. A garland; a chaplet, esp. one given to a victor.
  3. An appendage to the shield, placed above it, and supporting the crest (see Illust. of Crest). It generally represents a twist of two cords of silk, one tinctured like the principal metal, the other like the principal color in the arms.

6 letters in word "wreath": A E H R T W.

Anagrams of wreath:

Words found within wreath:

ae ah ar are aret arew art at ate aw awe ea ear earth eat eath eh er era et eta eth ewt ha hae haet hare hart hat hate hater haw he hear heart heat her het hew rah rat rate rath rathe raw re reh ret rew rewth rhea ta tae tahr tar tare taw tawer te tea tear tehr tew thae thar thaw the thew thrae thraw threw trew twa twae wae war ware wart wat wate water we wear wert wet weta wha whare what whear wheat whet wrate wrath